Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The best way, a satellite dish mount

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Do you want your own personal satellite dish mount? You must be crazy! Work height, almost certainly without the proper equipment and without a doubt, use a suspicious old head?It is similar to the disaster. But if you really need, then. If you are in a certain way of hazards to install your own personal satellite system, reading. I show you how to install correctly in 10 steps.

Equipment you will want to: a satellite system and the decoder - coaxial cable of course RG6, a good leader, a satellite signals, compass, a level meter, adjustable key, a drill, maybe drill wireless and screwdriver, mother pilot for your drill bitscrews, clips of straps, delay and screw wire.

See the direction of neighbouring parabolic antenna. There should be a great idea you how should take your meals on the ASTRA satellite face. In General, varies in the United Kingdom, this angle of 20 degrees to the North at 30 degrees South. You must have a clear line of sight. All branches or telephone pole how works the reception on your satellite dish. your satellite antenna should have a mast. Add by using the bolt of the mast on something solid. for example, a stack or a wall. Use your spirit, some level of the mast is.Then, the shell itself to the mast, but not at the moment is to tighten the screws. This will come later, if you have the correctly aligned.Coaxial cable RG6, by the Court, cause the LNBF (low block noise down converter Feedhorn - but you should know that). Now connect the cable to the LNBF and the LNBF to your court. Carter not screws in this Stadium.Wenn have a good satellite signal meter, now is the time to leave the country. They are not more expensive massively and you can buy them Curry. Now, connect the other end of the coaxial cable to the device. Disable the counter, and if you find a satellite signal, the light of your meter or create to let you know that you have locked. If you do not hear or see all of the counter, turn to your right, the top court links and allows you to search at the bottom.If you don't counter (or you are too narrow to purchase) you can still your TV to discover the power of the signal. You need someone to cry with the readings.If you shake the strongest signal, to the last that you all the bolts and screws in the shell. The smart guy can be set to the meter while you do this, make sure that it has not moved.Now, you can run the coaxial cable of your court on the satellite receiver. You can find that you want to remove the cable to the bottom of the front or rear of your property and drilling then a small hole in the wall, you perform the cable. Use cable ties and clips of screws, make sure that you have a nice tidy finish, cable hidden as much as possible.Once you have pushed the cable through the other side of your room, where the recipient is, you easily add to your port "satellite in". Connect the satellite receiver to your TV and follow the instructions on the screen to activate it.The East, you are finished. Relax and begin to scroll through hundreds of channels, which is now in your front room.

I still have my own system satellite for me and others. On rare occasions that I have a problem, I use a company called air Installer London.

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