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Stuck as an element of architectural design

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Stuck is a material that is applied to buildings, usually as a decoration. It is usually cement, which is mixed with water, and materials such as sand or lime. The wet liquid can be applied to wood, stone or brick. You can use mesh paper or wire also tar, if complex shapes are required. In General, two or three layers are applied to the other. As soon as it applies, and it can very defined. When it is mixed correctly it be hard fixed and very long time.

The word "Make" is sometimes used instead of stuck. The first term is often preferred to the United Kingdom, while the latter term in America is preferred. Although the two words of Germanic origin, is the last word in English by the Italian language. Somehow, the Italian words is an approach more decorative while rendering seems very boring and practical.

Stucco was used in many buildings Roman and is still in the city of Rome. He served in the famous Roman arch and the fact that some lasted close to two thousand years is a proof of its preservation. The use of limestone or marble in the mix, there probably longer.

In some houses, a form of "artificial" has been used as real appear stuck. It is not as strong as real stucco and easily deleted or damaged. Buyer should the quality of the ornaments on a House that is considered, prior to a purchase. It can be used various Hammond in internal or external. Support may be wood or masonry and the permanence of decoration you will be determined by the composition of support.

Acceptance of the decoration of cement is a matter of personal preference. For those who have worn, minimalism and lines simple fantasy beautification anathema. Others find charming and interesting decorations. You may support the human spirit characterized by decoration and the architects are justified, in a building of character add cornices or traits of writing with the forms of ornaments and weather in the form of decorations of the evidence.

Creative applications can be found in modern homes. This can be an art form of wall inside and outside the House. The flat surface of the wall to trigger can be added by adding an extra dimension. In addition, colour can be used to make living bar moulding and complement other aspects of Interior Design.

If the damage has been done repairs are the shape of the original decoration with a new mix and restore possible. Problems occur when the color must be applied in an attempt to conceal the repair work. It is very difficult to match the shades precisely because of the effects of the alteration.

Decoration are also used in the landscape of gardens. Georgian and Augustus periods "Follies" beautifully landscaped gardens interest added. Often, they tried to imitate the classical structures. An artificial lake could a cleverly placed cozy gazebo, so that together, Venus or Diana stucco appearance can sit, only two people have had.

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