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State of Texas has Several Advantages Veteran

(VLB), the division operates loan programs of Texas General Land Office three veterans: Land Loan Program for veterans benefits program to purchase housing, and Veterans Home Improvement Loan Program to learn more about Texas Land Office programs for veterans.

Texas State Veterans Homes

Texas Veterans Land Board (VLB), a unit of General Land Office of Texas administers the Texas State Veterans Homes.

Support programs in Texas

The exemption for veterans. Disabled veterans who meet certain requirements to meet their surviving spouses and the spouses and minor children of a person who dies on active duty in U.S. armed forces are eligible for property tax exemptions on an estimate of their property . The exception is mandatory and includes taxes levied by all tax authorities of the State. A veteran whose service connected disability rated less than 10% of the Department of Veterans Affairs or a branch of the armed forces is not entitled to an exemption from property tax.

Benefits of the State of Texas Veterans Education

Hazlewood Act. Veterans residing in Texas, where they were entered military service, and Home of Record is like Texas and listed on the DD214 is an exemption from tuition fees at state-sponsored / public (taxpayer supported) of colleges and universities in law. This service is for children of soldiers from Texas and women who died or were killed in military service, and the children of Texas military personnel missing in action or prisoners of war. Also eligible are children of members of the Texas National Guard or Texas Air National Guard have since January 1, 1946, was killed on active service or in service of Texas or the United States. More

Texas Employment veterans programs

Preference is given to veterans. Veterans preference in employment with government agencies or offices as well as widows and children of active duty in the killing. State agencies must practice veterans preference until they reached 40% veteran employment. Non-retired veterans who are employed by the State of Texas are entitled to their time of active military service at retirement, provided they submit an application and pay appropriate to a pension under the plan, the amount of the superannuation credit claim up to 60 months of military personnel. This item is in the sentence, which was at the time the veteran initially covered by the state pension system, has been paid, plus accrued interest.

In addition, a veteran of reemployment rights with his last employer is entitled to when he was released by the armed forces of the United States, its absence is not more than four years. The right to reinstatement, regardless of whether the veteran before the service, employed by the state government, county, city or by private companies. reemployment rights of veterans are now provided by federal and state at a time.

Learn more about the state of Texas Other veterans benefits

Texas State Cemetery Program. The 2001 national elections in November, voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 7, a constitutional amendment authorizing the creation of seven state cemeteries for veterans and their families. The cemeteries are built and operated through a partnership between the Council of the Texas Veterans Land (VLB) and the Federal Department of Veterans Affairs (USDVA). The USDVA to finance 100 percent of construction costs and equipment. The state owns and operates cemeteries and fund most of the cost of operations. More

Online medical records

According to the Health and Safety Code, Section 161.201 Sub chapter M of medical problems or mental health records, veterans in Texas, for free information to patients when they were needed to disability in the United States Department U.S. Veterans Affairs (USDVA file). Physician or medical institution is not required to give a full account of the patient or former patient, free. It is interesting to note that some medical facilities is a small fee to register for free.

Free licenses for disabled veterans

Under Texas Transportation Code Title 7, Chapter 521, Section 521 426, is driving to Texas veterans are issued free with a service-related disability rating of 60% or more of the VA, or some of the forces armies of the United States must use to be made before the current time canceling the license. Application forms are subject to review by the Department approval is obtained for public safety across the state. We've provided a link to the Department of Public Safety Site Texas driver license information. Application forms must be completed by the veteran and VA to revise the assessment of related services by 60% or more. If a disabled veteran, retired from military service and no claim is evidence of VA disability from their respective branch of military service.

Fishing licenses and hunting for disabled veterans

disabled veterans are eligible for special hunting and fishing licenses at discounted prices. A disabled veteran of the armed forces of the United States is one that has a supplier of services to people with disabilities, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, loss of use of a low or a disability rating of 60% or Moreover, and defines who receives compensation from U.S. for disability. A resident veteran, as in this Act as the wild turkey and deer hunting license non-resident has obtained a license for the release of resident hunting. We have provided a link to the Texas Parks and Wildlife for your convenience.

Free Parking for Veterans

Free admission to Texas State Parks is a veteran who has a disability services by 60% or more of the VA, or service-related disability was estimated that the loss of a limb. Applications may be made to Texas in the office of the central administration of a state park, unless the relevant proof of service-related disability. If this test is not available, can the regional office where the file VA claims received. The Texas State Park lands Passport is a veteran who meets the needs of disabled people, if he or she lives in Texas. The pass provides free access to state parks, and not exempt from payment of other expenses such as camping, etc. We have provided a link to the Texas Parks and Wildlife for your convenience.

Free subscription releases

Pursuant to state law in Texas Local Government Code Sec. 0192.002, the county clerk in each county required to register for free, the official rejection of all veterans who served in defense of the United States. This free service can be very important as it provides veterans with a source of loans for which they get a certified copy of their discharge when needed. It is the responsibility of the veteran for DD214 or discharge recorded. Also note that when your DD214 file with the county clerk is a public document. Note that the Texas Veterans Commission does not keep a record of your DD214 or discharge.


Disabled veterans, former prisoners of war, Pearl Harbor Survivors, Purple Heart and Medal of Honor plates for a special plate for veterans and their families for personal use in their car or commercial vehicle of one ton or less available. Veterans with disabilities are the odds of service-related disability of 50% or more than 40% by amputation of lower limbs. former prisoners of war are eligible if they are caught, or in prison, the enemies of the United States during the conflict with the United States and the time of admission were U.S. citizens. Eligibility for both former military and civilian U.S. citizens who are captured by a hostile state. For more information, contact the nearest office of the registration of ownership of the vehicle or the tax office in the county.

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